Everything you need
to go to zero inbox faster than ever.

Organise by Case

Select a case and get all you need in one place, emails, conversations, files, team chats relative to a topic.

Team Inboxes

Tag, assign a case to a teammate, set participants, chat with people, all in realtime and with context.


Request help, discuss ideas and share opinions internally. No need to forward stuff.


Customise the interface with infinite beautiful pictures that match your modd.


Each case are assigned to someone. No case left alone.
No need to forward.


Compose and reply faster with pre-written snippets or templates.


Arrange cases for your whole organisation.

Email mentions

Add recipients to the To, CC, or BCC fields by mentioning them in the body of the email.

Multiple accounts

Add personal and business email accounts to one central inbox.


All your attachements on a case together in one place.


Handle your email in a snap with blazing fast keystrokes.


Automatically assign cases to a specific coworker or yourself.


Automatically tags cases to specific tags

Merge conversations

Merge multiple conversation in the same case.

Split cases

Extract a specific conversation in a new case.

Colored and emoji tags

Choose from infinite colors and emojies to quickly identify tags.

Multiple teams

Create or join multiple teams or companies via one Case account.

Collaborative drafts

Let your team compose drafts for you.